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Privacy Notice

We respect your privacy, and want to be clear about how we handle information about you. Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to keeping your information secure and follow legal procedures in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws.

This Privacy Notice explains the way in which any personal data that we collect from you is processed. We may collect information from you in connection with your use of our website or by any other methods of communication that you choose.

What information may we collect about you?

We may collect personal data about you in the course of our duties, which you provide to us as our customer. This can be via e mail, telephone communication and face to face. We collate this information in order to provide you with the services you require or request, this information is subsequently securely stored.

  • Your contact details i.e. name, address, telephone number, e mail address and details of your requirements.
  • Where appropriate your date of birth., marital status, nationality, employment details i.e when you enter into a residential sales or letting agreement with us
  • Financial details i.e. proof that you have sufficient funds to pay any deposit required when you wish to make an offer to us to buy one of our advertised properties., or proof that you meet the “Affordability Criteria” when renting one of our advertised properties.
  • Evidence that you have the right to Let a Property as a Landlord when you instruct us to find a suitable Tenant i.e Proof of Ownership.and that you have the required insurance, certificates and relevant required documentation in place.
  • Financial information, for example about your income and capital resources i.e Proof of Funding for the purchase of a property advertised by us. We will ask to be provided with bank statements or a Mortgage Agreement in Principle from your Mortgage Provider.

Usually we will have received this directly from you. However we may also receive personal data about you from others, such as from the other party to a transaction you are engaged in or from joint agents. Family members also sometimes provide information about each other.

How will we use the information?

Our use of such personal data is subject to data protection law.

We mainly use your personal data to provide you with information or services you have requested. We may also use it for any other purpose for which you give your consent. For example we may send you additional information about the firm or its services, if you have consented to us doing so.

We may also use it for other normal purposes connected with our work. For example we will use your information to update our own business records, complete statutory returns, and otherwise comply with our regulatory obligations.

Will we share information about you with anyone?

We take your privacy seriously. We will never sell your personal data to anyone, and we take precautions to keep it secure.

It will sometimes be a normal and necessary part of our work to pass on information to third parties. For example:

  • We may pass on information about you to solicitors to help them proceed with a transaction in which you are involved.
  • If you are a prospective tenant, we may pass on references about you to the landlord.
  • We may inform utility companies of changes in the occupiers of property.
  • We may pass on information to maintenance and repair contractors, in respect of property where we have responsibilities.
  • We may need to pass on information to those who help collect outstanding accounts.

In addition our practice may be audited or checked by third parties such as our accountants, which may enable them to see some information about you. Such third parties are required to maintain confidentiality in relation to your information.

Your rights

You have a right of access under data protection law to the personal data that we hold about you. We seek to keep that personal data correct and up to date. You should let us know if you believe the information we hold about you needs to be corrected or updated.

If you require any further information or would like to discuss further, please contact our Data Protection Officer, Cozyhomes4u Ltd, Portland Place, 10 Mottram Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 3AD. Telephone number is 0161 304 9878